12 Best Photography Studio Lighting Kit for Beginners & Advance

Photography studio lighting kit is the most important gear that you need to have if you are after “great” photography.

In fact, even best of the cameras don’t yield great results without great lighting in the scene.

It’s in the indoors that you need to provide your own lighting.

The on-camera flash unit isn’t just sufficient for perfect lighting.

You need photography lighting sets to produce the best quality of light. They offer the maximum control, and you can adjust the intensity & direction of light when using a set.

Today, we share with you 12 Best Photography Studio Lighting Kit for Beginners and Advance users.

Best Photography Studio Lighting Kit for Beginners & Advance

So, if you want to step up your photography skills, you need to procure the best quality studio lighting kit.

Here, you get trustworthy information that will help you in making a wise purchase.

We have done detailed research and have come up with these selections of studio lighting kits. Our product selections are free from any bias.

So, you can count on our information and make a suitable purchase of studio lighting kit. It is a comprehensive shopping guide showcasing the best photography lighting sets for your needs.

These photography studio lighting sets are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users (professional photographers).

Here, you get options that are suitable for every level of experience and budget. They will allow you to dabble in the art of studio-based photography.

The general rule with studio lighting kits is “you get what you pay for.” A basic package can cost you few hundred dollars while you need to shell out thousands of dollars for buying a dazzlingly sophisticated studio lighting set-up.

When it comes to studio lighting set, there are two main options for you: continuous or strobe (flash) lighting.

The continuous lighting comes in the form of tungsten or fluorescent. Both give great results.

With continuous light sources, you get instant feedback on how your lighting will look in the exposed image. You can adjust the angle and intensity of the lighting quickly.

Plus, you can visualize the shot more easily. In fact, continuous light sources can also be used as video lights.

However, continuous lights do tend to get very warm during use. So, it can be a very uncomfortable experience for your subject during long portrait sessions.

Moreover, a continuous light source is not the best option for shooting moving subjects.

Its output is less efficient when compared with an identically rated strobe and results in slower shutter speeds making it difficult to freeze fast motion.

So, continuous lights are mostly used in still life and product photography.

On the other hand, strobe lighting is a highly popular choice and offers superb control and flexibility.

With strobe lighting, you can precisely adjust the intensity of the light. You get the option to sync at faster shutter speeds.

So, strobe lights are more suitable for capturing moving subjects.

However, before selecting a one for yourself, do check the specifications of the kits to ascertain that they meet your requirements.

Cheaper kits tend to be slower and less powerful than their pricier counterparts. That said you can still find a beginner-friendly kit that is packed with features and available at a modest price.

The goal of this buyer’s guide is to provide you with a comprehensive list of studio lighting kits available at varying price points. We have concentrated on complete kits that are packed with serious specs.

They are worthy of your consideration irrespective of the level of your skill or budget. We have included direct links to Amazon.com where you can glean more information and buy the product. It will take you to the item’s product page on Amazon.com.

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However, if you have any recommendations to share with fellow readers, you can always add them in the comments section below.

Here’s our selection of the 12 best photography studio lighting kits.

Let’s explore:

12 Best Photography Studio Lighting Kit

1. LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit

The LimoStudio Photography Softbox Lighting Kit is one of the best professional portable photo studio lighting kits. It turns out to be a phenomenal addition to any Photo/Video Studio. It offers a professional maximized spread at a convenient low cost.

The kit has two high-quality Softbox lights which tend to enhance the quality of a shoot. It is best for the home, studio, and even outdoors. This kit includes a durable heavy duty carry bag for on the go events.

It is one of the top-selling and most highly reputable photography studio lighting kits.

This studio lighting kit comes studded with the energy-efficient compact fluorescent spiral bulb. It saves energy up to 80%.

The softbox is made of high-quality nylon.

Size: 24″ x 24″ Large Soft Box

It creates an ultimate soft light stream and removes the shadow. Its silver internal face minimizes light loss and maximizes light spread.

The light stand offers height adjustment from 50-86 Inch Height.

The kit is lightweight for portability and easy to assemble and disassemble.


2 x Soft Box with Bulb Socket
2 x 86-inch Tall Light Stand
2 x 85W 6500K Photo Bulb
1 x Carry Bag

LimoStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit

2. CowboyStudio Umbrella Continuous Triple Lighting Kit

The CowboyStudio Photography/Video Umbrella Continuous Triple Lighting Kit is a very good start for beginners. The entire kit sets up in minutes and is very easy to operate.

It includes Three (3) 45 Watt 5500k Daylight bulbs, Two (2) 7 Ft light stand, One (1) Mini Light stand, Three (3) Light Socket, Two (2) 33 inch White umbrella, and One (1) Padded Carrying Case.

The kit offers 375 watts of continuous lighting.

Its light stand is versatile and lightweight.

It is made of black anodized aluminum.

It is stable and provides quick set up.

Minimum Height: 810 MM, 32.4 inches
Maximum Height: 1900 MM, 78 inches
Maximum Load Capacity 2.5KG, 9.9 lbs
Closed Length: 805 MM, 32.2 inches
Mounting Stud 5/8 inches

The mini light stand is made up of high quality black anodized aluminum. It offers easy setup and has solid quick release levers.

Max Height: 660 MM; Min height: 380 MM, Folded height: 390 MM, Max tube diameter: 23.5 MM, Load Capacity: 2.5 Kg

It comes with one-year factory warranty.

Its lighting bulb offers a total output of 375 Watt.

Bulb size: 6.37in Length, 2.68in Diameter, 2.36in Base Width, 2.70in Base Length

The soft Umbrella is lightweight and easy to set up.

It can diffuse the light from any flash and creates a soft even light for your subject.

CowboyStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit

3. LimoStudio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

LimoStudio premium photo/video studio lighting kit is perfect and essential equipment for all studios. It offers the highest quality lighting at a fraction of a price.

This lighting kit is suitable for both professionals and apprentices.

It comes as simple & quick installable photo equipment.

You get highly competitive quality also.

Its lighting umbrellas diffuse the light so that you can capture a full spectrum of color with neutral skin tones and soft, gentle light.

They are affordable, easy to work with, and very handy to transport. This kit helps you to get an image with the least contrast and the softest light. It eliminates glare and spots. This kit is made of high-quality nylon construction.

Its lighting stand comes equipped with ¼-inch standard size screw thread for universal mounting capability. It is sturdy and stable with three solid legs. Its height adjusting lever provides the solid safety lock. It is lightweight and easy to transport. This lighting kit is made of premium aluminum alloy construction.

It has energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb which is a 45W Photo CFL Bulb and saves energy up to 80%.

This lighting set up is versatile and easy to use. It allows you to take professional quality portraits.

LimoStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit

4. Fancierstudio Lighting Kit 2400 Watt Softbox Lights

It’s a brand new Fancierstudio lighting kit that’s perfect as a compact studio kit for professional digital fluorescent video photography. It delivers over 2400 watts output.

This studio lighting kit has TWO Softbox for your lights together with ONE 16″x24″ Softbox for you Hairlight. It allows you to use four light heads as your main light. Plus, you can use 16″x24″ Softbox light as your fill light or hair light. Light output can be adjusted with four light outputs.

The kit can be used in studio photography or videography. You can also use it on location projects.

It is one of the most affordable kits on the market today.

Plus, it is compatible with any camera such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and more.

Its CFL light bulbs are rated for 120V for USA standard.

The kit includes Softbox lights with 3 x light stands 6′ tall, 3 x light heads able to hold four bulbs each, 12 x 45-watt photo video fluorescent bulbs and 5500k daylight balance bulbs.

The studio kit includes a deluxe carrying case enough to hold the entire kit in one bag.

Fancierstudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit

5. Excelvan Studio Lighting Kit 1250W Soft Box with Backdrops

Excelvan photography video studio lighting kit is a specialized portable photography Softbox lighting kit. It includes two softboxes, two tripod stands, 3 Background Backdrop (Black White Green Backdrop), 10×6.5ft Light background Stand and a portable carrying bag.

Its ultra-compact design makes this kit the perfect choice for studios with limited space.

The kit can be used to produce photos and videos, photographic reproduction, technical photography, advertising products for selling online, video filming, collectibles, and much more.

It comes with 1250W energy saving light bulbs.

It has a professional studio photo light stand which is compatible with most of the major photo equipment, such as reflector umbrella, Softbox, photography light.

The background stand can support backdrop up to 10ft in width and extend to a maximum height of 6.5ft. It has lightweight metal and a solid support stand. It has two fully adjustable lighting stands. The bars are adjustable from 2.7ft to 5ft. Plus, the height can be adjusted to a maximum of 6.5ft.

Package Includes:

2 x Softboxes (19.6 x27.5 in)
2 x Light Bulb 125W 5500K
2 x Professional Studio Photo Light Stand
2x Professional Background Support Stand
3x White, Black & Green Backdrop
1 x Carry bag for Backdrop Stands
1x Free Carrying Bag for Softbox Kit

Excelvan Photography Studio Lighting Kit

6. Linco Lincostore Studio Light Kit Including 3 Color Backdrops

This professional & brand new photography studio lighting kit delivers over 400W power output. The kit comes with backdrop stands and three 5’x10′ ft muslin backdrops in black, white, and green. The kit can be used for photography and videography and also on location projects.

The Package includes:

• 4 x Linco Mini-Cirrus Light Holder
– Smooth ergonomic design
– Fire-resistant Plastic Socket

• 4 x Linco Lightweight Light Stand

– Die-cast steel for quality built
– Zinc stud head
– Min height: 32in
– Max height: 77in
– Max load: 15lbs

• 2 x Linco Photography Studio High-Quality White Umbrella Reflector
– Size: diagonal line 32.”
– Lightweight and easy to set up
– Eliminates glare and spots
– Made of high-quality material
– It can diffuse the light from any kind of photography light
– Spread light stream evenly
– Color: Snow White Translucent

• 2 x Linco Photography Studio Square Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox
– Easy to assemble
– It can be installed/uninstalled on the light head
– Comes with a flexible opening for putting a light head in.
– Two functions in 1: Softbox, reflector (with a diffuser).

• 4 x 23W Premium Photography Studio Day-Light Light Bulb

• 1 x Linco Backdrop Stand Support System

• 1 x Linco Premium Carrying Bag for Lighting Kit
– Color: Black
– Size: 31x8x7 inches
– Internal Water Resistant
– It can store all accessories of lighting kit

1 x Photography Studio Green Screen Backdrop Muslin Background
1 x Photography Studio White Screen Backdrop Muslin Background
1 x Photography Studio Black Screen Backdrop Muslin Background

• 3 x Linco Backdrop Holders

Linco Photography Studio Lighting Kit

7. StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit

It’s a new and thoroughly professional 3pc constant light Softbox lighting system. It has two (2) Softboxes and one (1) overhead Hairlight boom Softbox. All the bulbs come included with the system. The four (4) bulbs fit on to each Softbox. This lighting system is perfect for portraits, product shots, and videos.

Moreover, it functions as a complete studio kit. You do not need anything extra to make it work. This studio lighting kit is easy to set up and easy to use.

These lights are fully compatible with digital DSLR cameras. It is suitable for all level photographers.

This continuous lighting system comes with background support stands and muslin backdrops to set up your studio.

It can be used in studio photography, videography, as well as on location projects.

It is the most affordable lighting kit on the market today. Plus, it is compatible with any camera such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus, and more.

This Lighting Kit Package includes:

2 x Top Quality 7 foot Light Stands
2 x 16″ x 24″ Softbox w/ Inner and Outer Diffuser Cover
2 x Premium 4 Light Bank Holders
2 x Power Cord
8 x 45 Watt 5500k Compact Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Bulbs
1 x Premium Carrying Case

Boom/Hairlight Includes

1 x 31″-71″ boom arm
1 x Grip head
1 x Sandbag
1 x 7 foot Light stand
4 x 45 Watt 5500k Compact Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Bulbs
1 x 16″x24″ Softbox (Includes Diffuser Cover)

StudioFX Photography Studio Lighting Kit

8. Julius Studio Photo Studio Kit

Julius Studio Photo Studio Kit is a thoroughly professional lighting kit perfect for all level photographers.

This Photography lighting kit includes:

• (1 Pcs) Photography Backdrop Support Stand with 10 ft. Crossbar
– Premium Quality Support Bars
– Lightweight Aluminum Tripods
– Adjustable Height: Min 3.5 ft | Max 8.5 ft
– Adjustable Width: Min 4.5 ft. (2 cross bars) | Max 10 ft. (4 cross bars)
– Durable Muslin Stand Carry Bag

• (1 Pcs) Approximately 6’x9′ Green Backdrop Screen
• (1 Pcs) Approximately 6’x9′ White Backdrop Screen
• (1 Pcs) Approximately 6’x9′ Black Backdrop Screen

(The backdrop is made of fabricated material. It has reflective & None Gloss surface. The fabric is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant

• (4 Pcs) 86.5″ Tall Studio Quality Light Stand

– Adjustable Height: Min 53″ – Max 86.5″
– Industrial Standard Mounting Stud
– Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages

• (2 Pcs) Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light Holder
• (2 Pcs) White Umbrella Reflector, 33-inch
• (2 Pcs) Light Holder with Softbox Reflector
• (4 Pcs) 45W Digital Full Spectrum Photo Light Bulb
• (6 Pcs) Photography Muslin Backdrop Clamps, 3.75″
• (1 Pcs) Heavy Duty Carry Case

Julius Studio Photo Studio Kit

9. Neewer 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

Neewer Photography Studio Lighting Kit is perfect for indoor studio photography. It’s thoroughly professional, easy to set up and easy to use. This lighting set is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.

It comes with (4) 7 ft/200cm Light stand.

It’s made of aluminum alloy having the exceptional strength for heavy duty work. The stand is very lightweight and collapses easily for simple storage and transport.

It has two (2) single headlight holder which s constructed of high impact plastic and aluminum. It can support heavy weight and is suitable for tough working conditions. You can insert a fluorescent spiral bulb and adjust the mount to get the optimum angle for great photographic results.

The kit offers (4) 45W CFL Daylight Bulb with a color temperature of 5500K and input voltage of 110-130V.

It includes (2) 84cm White Umbrella. This studio kit is made of high-quality nylon construction. It reflects and spread light stream evenly.

It also comes with (2)24″X24″/60x60cm Softbox. This kit has an adjustable lamp holder for different shooting angles.

It includes (1)1.8 x 2.8M/6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop (Black, White, and Green) and six (6) backdrop clamps.

(1)2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System.

It offers (1) Carry Bag for Background Support System and (1) Carry Bag for Continuous Lighting Kit.

Neewer Photography Studio Lighting Kit

10. LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit

LimoStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit is perfect for indoor shooting. It is suitable for all level photographers. This is a highly professional studio lighting set. It is easy to set up and easy to use.

Product description:

• Backdrop support stand

Adjustable height: 3.5 ft to 8.8 ft
Adjustable width: 5 ft to 10 ft
Durable Muslin Stand Carry Bag

• 6’x9′ Muslin Green Backdrop Background
• 6’x9′ Muslin Black Backdrop Background
• 6’x9′ Muslin White Backdrop Background

• Photo/Video Studio Light Stand

Adjustable Height: Min 53″ – Max 100″
It comes with a solid locking system for light safety

• Heavy Duty Light Stand

Adjustable Height: Min 30″ – Max 86.5″
Great work with Softbox reflector

• 45W CFL Light Bulb

Overall Size: 2.25″ x 7″
Color Temperature: 6500K
Lamp Tone: Day Light
Regular Screw Base E26/E27

• E27 AC Socket Light Stand Mount Umbrella Holder

• 24″ Softbox Reflector with Light Holder

Made of high-quality nylon
Uses Max Up to 85W E26 Light Bulb
Code & Plug included (9 ft.)
Color: Black/Silver (Out/In)
Maximum light spread with minimum light loss

• 33″ Studio White Umbrella Lighting Reflector

White: produce a neutral color temperature
Premium Umbrella Snow White translucent Reflector (33″ Wide)
Adjustable Light Head for the perfect light stream to your object

• 3.75″ Photography Muslin Backdrop Clamps

Material: Nylon

• Backdrop Ring Holder
Used on the crossbar (Diameter: 28mm)

• Large Photo-equipment Carry

31 x 13 x 9 Inch
Made of Premium Quality Oxford Nylon
Water Resistant
Large External Pocket
It can Store Backdrop Support Stand, Umbrellas, Muslins, Lights, and Camera.

LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit

11. Fovitec StudioPRO Softbox Lighting Kit

Fovitec StudioPRO is one of the top-selling lighting kits.

This lighting kit consists of two five socket heads, two 20”x28” softboxes, eleven 45W bulbs, one EZ Setup 20”x28” single socket light, 5-foot boom arm, three light stands, and a convenient carrying case for storing or transporting your StudioPRO setup.

The lighting set is useful for art, portrait, product photography, and more. It offers non-flash lighting which is compatible with all cameras without syncing

Its silver interior lining allows for maximum light reflection. It is energy efficient and offers output equivalent to 2500W incandescent lights.

This lighting system offers full subject lighting for professional video production. It is ideal for beginner photographers. You don’t need to review & adjust angles constantly. This is easy to set up and easy to use studio lighting kit. It can easily be transported and ideal for on-location and studio shoots.

Fovitec Photography Studio Lighting Kit

12. Linco Lincostore 2000 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Kit With 3 Color Muslin Backdrop Stand

The Linco Photography Studio Lighting Set is a thoroughly professional lighting system ideal for all level photographers. It has no time-consuming assembly process. This studio lighting kit comes with Flora X 4-Socket Light Head with Ceramic Base Protector and Cap. It provides new designed Auto Pop-up Softbox with Diffuse and Flat Bag.

Product includes:

3 x Linco3452 flora X auto pop-up softbox set 20″x20″
3 x Linco5140 flora X fluorescent 4-socket light bank
3 x Linco8806 zenith 77″ light weight light stand
12 x LincoPP171050-1 photography studio soft white bulb
1 x Linco4225KB Linco zenith boom arm reflector holder kit.
2nd generation boom clamp
1 x Linco2020-6 photography studio exclusive premium carrying bag. Size: 31x9x12 inches (LxWxH)
7 feet high backdrop stand (3 sections)
10 feet wide crossbar support (4 sections)
1 x LincoGEN0510T photography green backdrop (5×10 feet)
1 x LincoWH0510T Photography white backdrop (5×10 feet)
1 x LincoBLK0510T photography black backdrop (5×10 feet).

Lincostore Photography Studio Lighting Kit

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